The veseyans u14 team played extremely well in their match against old Yards to win the match 14-0. Due to a partially frozen pitch the first half of the game was a game of touch which both teams adapted to well. All of the first half was evenly contested with the majority of the game being played in the center of the pitch with neither team managing to break through and grab any points.

Due to the pitch softening up, the second half was now full contact, benefitting both teams well. Veseyans started the second half well, pinning Old Yards in their own half, and after some good defense, Old Yards conceded a scrum about 8 metres out. Number 8 Oscar Ratledge picked from the base of the scrum and used his power and pace to beat a few defenders to score over the line. The next 10 minutes were evenly contested in the middle of the park until the ball was fed to Noah Miller who dazzled the defense with a mazing run and earnt the V’s a penalty 5 metres out after a high tackle. A quick tap and go led Oscar to burst over the line for his second of the game putting the Veseyans 14-0 up.

The remainder of the game was mostly played in the Veseyans half after the discipline dropped slightly and V’s gave away a few penalties in their half but their defense was good enough to hold them out for the rest of the match after absorbing lots of pressure. Veseyans would like to thank Eaun Watkins and Alex Hennway for playing a half each for Old Yards and the 3 u15’s who came down to play as well allowing us to have a full team.