This week we went to our local rivals Sutton Coldfield RFC. They are a great bunch of kids and the games were played with a great attitude and respect for each other.

Our first game started with a great kick rush, Max hunted down the first ball carrier, stopped him in his tracks and cleared the resulting ruck. Grace was quickest to the break down and passed to Rayne from the base of the ruck who pinned his ears back and scored the first try of the game.

The tackles were huge by both sides, with noticeably big efforts from Harry, Sean and Jude. Sutton responded well to the first try however and scored after 3 good phases of play. The kick rush plan again worked well for Veseyans with Rayne making another big hit in midfield with Jake and Joseph Hurd clearing the ruck with venom.

Grace again passed from the base to find Jude hurtling down the middle of the field knocking Sutton players head over heels as he went. He was finally brought down by an excellent covering tackle. Veseyans continued the game completely dominating in the tackle and ruck areas. Jess took a pass from Charlie on halfway and got within a metre of the try line after crashing through most of the Sutton team, the resulting ruck however went in favour of the home team, they cleared there lines and after a lucky bounce scored against the run of play.

Jo McDonald combined well with Tom after the kick off with Charlie and Jude clearing the resulting ruck, Jake passed out to Owen from the base who stepped the first defender, ran around the second defender and was only just caught going up the left hand wing, another inch and he’d have made the try line. Again Sutton came back strong and after bring some fresh legs on they finished the game well scoring twice before the game finished.

The second game was a tough affair for Veseyans as Sutton changed the whole team for fresh bodies while we returned in to the fray once more. Our tiredness showed only out wide as our ferocious tackles and rucks continued to dominate the contact area. Sutton were certainly not going through the middle of us today and great efforts by Harry and Jo McDonald were testament to that.

Ollie Swain had probably his best game so far in a Veseyans shirt, ensuring his tackles were solid and his positioning on the wing kept the Sutton defenders spread thinly across the park. Sutton scored two good try’s as the fresh legs kicked in and Consolation try from an excellent solo run by Rayne was Veseyans only reward.

Everyone was keen to push on to a third game, and with some well-deserved fluid on board Veseyans again started the game well with a trademark mazy run from Rayne followed closely by Jess who took the offload and continued to power up the field. Tom and Max cleared the resulting ruck and Ollie passed to the onrushing Harry who bulldozed over the line with three Sutton defenders hanging on to his back like Texas cowboys trying to tame a bull.

More text book tackling from Harry, Rayne and Charlie meant the Sutton attacks were thwarted as quickly as they started. Sutton again scored against the run of play but the kick off saw the Veseyans kick rush tactic back in force. Charlie kicked deep to the right hand side and the Sutton wing could not deal with the snow covered ball as it dropped in front of him.

An excellent kick chase from Ollie saw him gain his reward as he expertly collected the ball without breaking stride, beat the onrushing defender and dived over in the corner to claim his prize. An excellent try earned from sheer hard work. With tiredness eventually getting the best of us, Sutton closed out the last game with a couple of well worked try’s. All in all a fantastic effort from the Veseyans and definitely the best game I’ve watched so far.