Veseyans fielded a full squad of 22 players but more importantly they had players playing in the right positions which aided their cause to implement their structure.

This week saw a number of changes to the side and excellent performances from Alex Taylor and Will Cheneler made an instant impact on the game.  Having said that this performance was very much about the team and the squad with all players contributing towards the end result.

If Veseyans are to learn one lesson from this game it would be not to give so many penalties away which at times took the edge out of the game.

However from a penalty given this time in their favour a quick tap and go from the halfway line led to the first score by scrum half and captain Dan Hemming.  Converted by Alex Moore.

Veseyans ball retention again was good with strong ball carrying from Ryan Prestridge and Alex Godson whose girlfriend missed some of his best rugby.

From a long period of play deep in the opposition half Veseyans were to score again from a scrum 10mts out, Hemming fed the ball to Will Cheneler and his strong running rewarded him with a well taken try.

The second half Veseyans use the slope well with some great exit plays forcing Kidderminster deep into their own half.  Veseyans forwards then started to dominate proceedings with further scores coming from hooker George Baines and Alex Godson again his better half missed the occasion.