With a team of 8 the U10’s played their 2 games with outstanding energy and skill against a very well organised and passionate Barton team. The visitors started really well and quickly scored several tries but this did not deter the spirit of the team, they continued to compete for the ball and make their tackles and it was only the slick handling of the Barton team that kept them on the front foot.

The 2nd half of the 1st game Veyseans really got to grips with the game and the contest was much closer with both teams cancelling each other out with their strong defence and competition for the ball on the floor. During the 2nd game once again it was close and Veyseans finally scored their 1st try when Malika Martin crossed the line. However, as the game wore on the toll of only having 8 players against a Barton side with 4 substitutes started to tell and Barton finished the stronger.

Despite the outcome of the 2 games what a wonderful advert this was for mini rugby with both sets of teams having a fully enjoyable morning with great respect shown throughout to each other…well done to both teams.

Finally, a big well done to Luca, Dougie, Euan for their combativeness spirit throughout, a great improvement from Govind who is growing in confidence every game but star player of the day went to Malika for her tackling and carrying.

Thanks to all!