Veseyans 5 v Moseley Oak 64

The game started with the best intensions for Veseyans who found themselves in the lead after 5mins with a fine try scored by Matt Gillick who is now finding his form after a lengthy layoff.

Veseyans playing against a side that has great plans for the future struggled to stop the relentless pressure that came from a Moseley Oak side fielding five former Championship professional players.

Moseley Oak simply just kept coming time and time again with some strong ball carrying and lines of support that produced many line breaks.

Veseyans competed well at the set piece and at times played with some good structure but made far too many mistakes giving the ball back to Moseley who just carried on and on.

Veseyans are at home again next week with another top fixture against Old Salts who are currently sitting in 3rd place in the league.