Veseyans turned up with a strong side on Saturday who were competing against Edwardians RFC, conditions were dry with a fairly soft playing ground. KO commenced with Skipper Ian Bellis winning the coin toss and choosing to play uphill in the first half, and the opposing team to kick. A great decision for the Veseyans as they had broken Edwardian’s defensive line within the first 30 seconds of the whistle being blown and scoring their first try.
A great start for the Veseyans with moral instantaneously being lifted. The V’s were soon set again and ready to receive the kick from the opposition, Lewis Graham catching one of many throughout the game and making a great ‘run in’ to their defence. A further try scored by the Rangers with Rob Cooper following it up with a perfect conversation from out wide.
Unfortunately the V’s had been overly confident in the return to their half for the restart and were not prepared for the Edwardians to crash through the defensive line and score their first try of the game. It was mid-way through the first half that Rob Cooper took a great ball from Ali Careless, running a perfect line before being tackled by the opposing teams number 13, putting Rob out of the game with a hamstring injury. A further try was scored in the first half by Prop Lewis Graham who saw an opportunity to increase the V’s due to an overlap in players.
The V’s dominated in the line-outs and scrums with the Hooker stealing many of the Edwardians ball due to a powerful and well trained pack.
The second half was even bigger for the V’s with adrenaline and confidence at its highest. The V’s went on to increase the points gap with the help from Paul Kumeta, Rory Humphries and Laurence Tandy making it over the line in some spectacular style. A key player throughout the whole game was Nicky Williams who converted the majority of the Ranager’s try’s, and was all to welcoming to let Lewis Graham attempt a conversion which ended dreadfully with Graham taking a fall just as the ball was kicked.
Unfortunately Glen Corkin was denied a further try when the opposition’s number 9 kicked the ball from between Corkin’s legs whilst at the back of the scrum, luckily the ref blew the whistle and it was another penalty for the V’s. The final whistle was blown and the score finished at 91 – 5 with further points coming from Jon Fellows, Andy Wilson and Jake Haden White.