After scaring away other opposition with our stunning wins this season, Bournville offered us a much needed challenge.

With a strong Veseyans 2’s side taking to the pitch and Bournville playing with 14 men, the start was promising. An early try scored by El Captain Tony Hayes, from a move straight out of the playbook put the Vese in front.

Undeterred Bournville kept their composure and piled the pressure on, scoring a try straight through the middle from their very ‘twinkle-toed’ 10.

A series of miss tackles and not sticking to our game plan meant another two try’s scored consecutively.

After a brief scare, after a reported ‘snapping’ sound was heard from a tackle on Vesey’s own Paul Kumeta, with a suspected broken leg, we were all relieved to hear it was just his lace, as he Irish danced off the pitch to be substituted.

Bournville continued to pile on the pressure, and at half time was a much needed break for the Vese to re-assess and get heads back on to the game plan we had set out with from the start.

Score half time: 5-21

The second half started with an early try from Tony Hayes yet again after a miss kick from a Bournville player. After number 10 Sam Irvine slotted a much needed conversion, this provided the platform the Vese needed to get composure back.

The Vese piled on the pressure, but perhaps at times not taking advantage of the overlap that had been given us!

Nonetheless the Vese defence had improved from the first half and we continued to pile the pressure on.

After a Bournville injury, as number 8 Pat Clarke decided to play the accordion with one of their players after a crunching tackle meant another opportunity for the 2’s to exploit. Piling on the pressure and keeping them in their half, Nicky Williams rolled over a stunning try after a turnover, to which Irvine responded by sending the ball over the posts.

Stunning outfield play from Bournville with some very fast offloads meant another try conceded. Even with another try from Tony Hayes, wasn’t enough to win the day. Hats off to Bournville who played with 13 men in the end, it was a testament to the calibre of player we were facing.

But all the same, the second half for the Vese was an improvement with some great open field running and well executed passes, with some tidying up of some basic mistakes in training; we will continue to show the solid, strong 2’s side we have at Veseyans.