Playing Barton at home for their first game of the New Year the V’s were looking for a strong start to the year with a win. It was a slow start with several scrums in the first ten minutes, however after earning a penalty on the oppositions 5 meter line Courtney drove though a gap to score the V’s first try of the game. The second try was scored by tom after several attempts to get the ball over the try line, he managed to find a gap and score the second try of the game. Barton Managed to get one try just as the first half ended leaving the score at 14-5 to the V’s.

The second half had a bad start with Barton breaking though the V’s defensive line to score their second try. However the V’s began to pick up speed by making several meters ever carry to the point where Calvin was able to beat his defender and get over the try line to score the V’s third try of the game. The four try came from Ben who stepped his defender to score the final V’s try after a long drive up the pitch. The final score was 24-19 to the V’s