Veseyans colts first home game was against Stourbridge. Veseyans boys kicked off and the
pressure they built forced Stourbridge to let the ball bounce into touch and Stourbridge had the first lineout of the game. Quick reaction of the Vesey boys forced a try in the corner scored by Guy Merrington but sadly the conversion was missed. Stourbridge, using swift hands and the kick and chase managed to score twice only converting one. but the strong forward play pushed Vesey boys well into the Stourbridge half and Veseyans managed to score a penalty from the sweet boot of Will. soon after Stourbridge scored twice more, using simple hands only converting one more try. The Veseyans boys were not letting this get to them and from nice carries, the forwards gave the skipper Jon fellows the perfect opportunity to score before half time leaving the score at 15- 24

The second half started with Stourbridge kicking to Veseyans and from strong fast running from the pack gave Ed the perfect opportunity to score bringing the score to 22-24 again Veseyans bring that pressure gave Tyler a great opportunity to increase the try count to 29 – 24. Stourbridge hadn’t given up and from a quick tap and go scored but didn’t get the kick. Veseyans retaliated with forward runs up to the 22 and then Tyler with his fast feet stepped in and dived over the line. from the restart James Simpson went on a 20 meter run and with an amazing off load to Josh Raby-Gordon scored Veseyans final try bringing the score to 29-39 to Vesey. Stourbridge hadn’t given up and yet again did another kick and chase and even though there was a big effort from David Riley making a big hit Stourbridge got the off load and scored with the conversion bringing the score to 36-39 Veseyans. both teams played well and it was a narrow victory.