The game kicked off at 2pm with Veseyans receiving kick. The kick was caught and taken into contact by one of the Veseyans forwards, before he was flattened by one of the Old salt forwards. The Veseyans forwards were a bit thrown off by the Old Salts rucking methods at first when they piled almost all of their forwards in before turning the ball over. Shortly after that Veseyans received their first penalty after the Old Salts number 2 started arguing with the ref, which resulted in a yellow card for him.

The penalty was aimed at goal but unfortunately the kick missed and Old salts started on a counter attack, but it quickly fizzled out and they had to kick the ball into touch. After a bit more arguing with the referee another Old Salt player was sent off . With the first lineout of the game Veseyans managed to outfox Old Salts with a quick throw to the first jumper, the ball was played to the wing and after a few phases pushing up the pitch Ryan managed to break through on the left wing and put Veseyans 5-0 up but unfortunately the conversion fell short and the scored remained at 5-0.

After Old Salts kicked off again and they ramped up there tackling and started putting Veseyans on the back foot and eventually turning the ball over and making some good runs but yet again it turned into nothing. After a bad tackle Rob had to be taken off with a head injury. Shortly after Rob was subbed off through injury his replacement Ed had to be taken off as well with a rather severe leg injury.

After one run near the left side of the pitch Stephen was given the ball and managed to outpace the majority of the Old Salts team and managed to score underneath the posts putting Veseyans 10-0 up, With Jordan scoring the conversion it put Veseyans 12-0 up at halftime. During the second half one of the old salts players made a break through the defence and used a good bit of passing skill to set up his teammate for a try in the left hand corner to make the score 12-5, and with Old Salts missing the conversion the score stayed 12-5.

A few phases after the kick-off John managed to wriggle his way through the Old Salts defence and scored a try to put Veseyans 17-5 up, but with the conversion being missed the score remained at 17-5.

With just over 2 minutes to go Old Salts got a penalty just outside Veseyans 22m line, and after taking it quick they managed to dance their way through the Veseyans defence to score under the posts, but they decided to take a quick dropkick conversion instead of taking it off the kicking tee but unfortunately they missed so the score finished at 17-10.