Veseyans 2nd made the journey across the city to Camp Hill for a friendly game due to a lack of league action.

The game started badly for the away side, as they suffered two very early injuries to Chris Cheney and Will Chenelor meaning the bench was emptied within the first 10 minutes.

Camp Hill dominated much of the game, where there very sizeable pack gave them a great advantage and pushed the V’s pack around the park.

The Veseyans did have some bright moments in the game the highlight was Alex Morgan making a welcome return in the Centre, completely destroyed a member of the opposition back row with a great Dump Tackle in front of the home fans which was warmly applauded.

Great credit to the team who didn’t give up during the game and kept going right to the end. Back Rower Josh Raby-Gordon showing his increasing maturity with the team by running the line-out.